a ski-lift in the water - il segnoonde-trasparenti

One of the six winners of the Genoa Call for Innovation is Achille Steffano, the founder of Swimlift, and he is realizing a dream: to allow people with disabilities, the elderly, or those with motor difficulties to move in water, not only in pools but also in the sea.

The assistant, let's call it that, is nothing more than a sort of aquatic ski lift with a rope that runs along the water's surface (connected to two pulleys) to hold onto and move safely. It is a brilliant idea that impressed the evaluation committee of the Call for Innovation.

"The call seemed tailor-made for us," says Steffano. "When I started reading it and saw that it was about wellness, accessibility, and enjoyment of the sea, I realized it was perfectly aligned with Swimlift's objective. Having already developed a solution for pools, the call would allow me to bring it to the sea, beaches, and snorkeling routes."

In Genoa, we received an exceptional welcome from associations, the municipality, and many local organizations that supported us."

Steffano had the idea years ago in Liguria while observing his uncle being accompanied into the water on a job chair and then staying still with a lifebuoy.

"My mother used to swim but didn't feel safe, while my children asked me to reach the platform in the sea that was 50 meters away. That's how the idea of bringing a rope to hold onto according to each person's needs came about."

Much has already been done for the accessibility of beaches, but this project goes further. There is already a prototype for pools, but now Swimlift is working to obtain a model suitable for the sea.



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