the second test went well in genoaonde-trasparenti

And two. The second test went well too.

On Saturday, April 22nd, Swimlift successfully underwent a water test at one of the first beaches you come across along Corso Italia towards Boccadasse, at Bagni di San Nazaro.

Assisted by the operator, favored by calm sea and mild temperature, the testers set up the first part of the equipment, the one with the motor, on the shore. The second end was anchored to the dock using a Belly boat, easily towed with a canoe. The diagonal created in this way was sheltered from the wave motion, and the path remained in moderately shallow waters.

In addition to confirming its usefulness for assisted movement in the sea, Swimlift did not show any issues both when entering and exiting the water. The first test had been conducted in the accessible cove of Genova Nervi at the beginning of March.

Further checks are scheduled for the upcoming weekends at the Capo Marina establishment. On the horizon, drawing closer, are the days of the Innovation Village at the Ocean Race in Genoa.



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