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The idea of Swimlift was born in late June 2016. From the beach, facing south with your back to the coast, between Capo Noli and the island of Bergeggi, you could appreciate a platform about thirty meters from the shore. The platform is a possible stop to take a dive, rest after a few strokes, and enjoy the sun surrounded by the sea. There were many people, and immediately, partial accessibility stood out. Most bathers could reach the platform with little difficulty. However, younger children, the elderly, or people with disabilities could only reach it if accompanied, with varying degrees of effort, both for them and their companion.

Beyond accessibility for inclusion

But in front of us, there wasn't just the platform; there was an entire sea to explore, know, and enjoy. The sea is not the natural habitat of humans. Yet, it is increasingly a tourist, recreational, and sporting element. Many tourist economies have been born and thrive thanks to the sea.

Therefore, in order to live in a more inclusive society and also increase the potential of tourists and users, we must make this resource accessible.

At least one Blue Flag beach per municipality must provide access and facilities for individuals with physical disabilities, as stated in the thirty-third criterion for the Blue Flag award allocation.

Swimlift facilitates the approach to and literacy in water for children and individuals who have a fear of it. It allows bathers and swimmers to rely on a rope to follow a predefined path in the water, either staying immersed or using flotation devices;

Swimlift caters to various user groups and can serve different functional purposes:

  • Individuals with disabilities: as a support for enjoyment and therapeutic activities (physiotherapy, hydrokinesitherapy, and post-trauma rehabilitation).
  • Children and beginners: as a support to gain confidence in water and swimming.
  • Elderly: as a support for assisted movement in water.
  • Youth and adults: for relaxation, enjoyment, wellness activities, and rehabilitation.

This is Swimlift, and this is how it was born.

To hide less and less behind architectural barriers and stigma. To share aquatic spaces. To live together and better.


Swimlift frees everyone.



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