verification at sea another okonde-trasparenti

Once again, Swimlift has made an excellent impression. Last Saturday, May 20th, the equipment was put to the test once again in the waters of Bagni Capo Marina, accessible from Corso Italia in Genoa. The goal of making the Ligurian sea increasingly accessible to everyone is becoming more and more concrete.

No technical issues hindered the operation of the motor-reducer, which provides support for movement in the water and operates on the surface, accompanying a floating device pulled by a low-speed rope.

We are moving in the desired direction as advocated by the Assessor for Maritime Public Domain, Mario Mascia, a staunch supporter of the project that will be presented at the Innovation Village as part of the Ocean Live Park from June 24th to July 2nd. Mascia's statement of intent can be summarized as follows: "We want to promote every form of support to make the opportunity to enjoy our sea and spend a day of leisure and relaxation on the city beaches more accessible to everyone."

Highlighting the social purpose of Swimlift, there was also a group of scouts present who took care of cleaning the beach.



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